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Specializing in consumer credit issues, we champion our clients to find and provide expeditious positive resolutions in this greatly underserved area of consumer concern.

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Personal Credit Courses

Items to Cover:

Learning the fundamentals of credit.

Outlining your goals and preparing for future bank applications

Accessing your credit reports

Differences in credit reports and why the scores vary

Reviewing your reports

Updating your personal information to keep you protected

Items to cover:

In depth review of your reports.

Your credit scores and how they are calculated.

How to reach an 800 credit score.

How to start saving thousands each year.

FICO vs Vantage scoring models and which is used.

What accounts impact your scores the most.

Updating your information with the credit bureaus.

Tools to help protect you from ID theft.

Understanding disputes, what works and what doesn't.

Rebuilding and establishing credit scores.

Budgeting Outline and tools to reach your goals.

Items to cover:

Training on the skills needed to work with collectors.

Training on removing collection accounts.

Training on working with creditors and negotiations.

In depth training on judgments.

Who is at risk for garnishments.

How to heal and rebuild after a bankruptcy.

How to handle outstanding student loans.

How child support impacts the score and what you can do.

How to obtain a LexusNexus report and understanding yours.

Learning all the types of credit scores that creditors use.

How to qualify for big lines of credit.

The impact of ID theft and how to overcome it.

Business Credit Courses

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