Meet Our Leadership Team of Experts

We are a consumer advocacy group dedicated to the protection of consumer’s rights.

Our Core Values:

Teamwork - Integrity - Accountability - Transparency - Discipline - Results

Jacklyn Shapiro

Co-Founder/ Managing Partner

A master at teaching people how to have ridiculously good credit. Jacklyn Shapiro is the Co-Founder of Shapiro Hurst & Associates, and a leader in the credit industry. With more than 25 years of experience, she has changed thousands of lives across the U.S.  

Jaylaine Hurst VanUden

Co-Founder/ Managing Partner

As a Senior Executive, Jaylaine oversee's aspects of the company’s operations and collaborates in its direction and growth. With more than a decade in the credit industry, she has helped thousands of families across the United States achieve their personal and financial goals.

Kristie Williams

Senior Manager

As a Senior Manager for our Company, Kristie's dedication to providing expeditious resolutions, for consumers and companies across the country is, perfectly matched with her more than 27 years of experience in the credit and finance industry. Her passion to create a positive impact on the world around her, is exemplified on a daily basis. Her professional knowledge and strong work ethic have made her valuable to our clients, and as a member of the company’s leadership team.

Jodie Dellinger

Senior Consumer Advocate

Jodie has a strong passion for customer service that was acquired after many years at Walt Disney World. She has a passion for capturing that one moment that will impact the future of every individual she meets. This passion will have a major impact in helping find the right solutions for you. You will find her strong work ethic to be a valuable part of your experience with our company.

Amanda Kreger

Consumer Advocate

Amanda possesses a variety of skills including 10+ years of customer service, allowing her to take care of each one of our clients uniquely and individually.  Given her diversity of flair, Amanda will make you feel right at home from the start. Her attention to detail will assist in your needs being met promptly and professionally.   


Dallas, Texas

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